World’s first Personal Evaporative Cooling Fan.
It really cools the air.
This is no ordinary fan. This is a personal fan that literally cools the air. This patent-pending gadget delivers continuous evaporated cool air flow to keep you cool anytime under the sun or at home. Handy Cooler™ is a personal air cooler that has been shrunken down to a mobile and portable scale. Designed to be used on the go, Handy Cooler™ runs on batteries (or USB or standard 110V outlet [sold separately]) for true versatility. Simply soak the cellulose cooling filter (included) with water and turn the power on; Handy Cooler™ will instantly emit a comfortable refreshing breeze of cool air with hours of relief from the heat. The humidifying effect helps alleviate allergies, helps breathing problems, and replenishes moisture to the skin.
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